Environmental Portrait

I learned so much from doing this assignment for my Applied Location Photography class. It was my first time photographing with off-camera flash in the field—and it went off without a hitch! I love using flash, I find it adds so much dimension to a photo. It's definitely my long-term goal to get continually better and better at it (for more information on flash photography check out The Strobist blog.)

Secondly, and most importantly, this was an excellent experience for me to work with someone who isn't used to being photographed all the time. I approached Maya for this assignment and she graciously agreed to be my subject. We were both nervous. It's never my goal to capture photos with fake, posed smiles. I want my subject to be natural and at ease. Along with her business partner, Stephanie, Maya runs a boutique and Atelier in Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood. I wanted to capture Maya's excitement, pride and joy for being a part of this space. It's not a large space but they use every inch of it to their advantage to create and sell their art, alongside with art from local artisans that they love and admire. After chatting for a bit and taking a few warm-up photos we both got really into the shoot and had a great time making these photographs happen. I'm very happy with the end result. (For more information on Maya and her art, please visit the Mayamorphosis blog.)